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Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme (KGBVS): 

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidalaya (KGBV) – is a scheme to provide elementary level quality and life skill educational facility to girl children of the age group 10 to 14 years belonging to SC, ST, OBC and Minority communities. Under this scheme, residential school and hostel facilities for girls is established in the Educationally Backward Blocks (EBBs) , towns and minority concentrated areas, all over the country. The criteria followed for setting up the schools are - blocks with rural female literacy below the national average and gender gap in literacy more than the national average and minority population above 20% (as per Census 2001).

In Assam, 15 identified EBBs spreading across 8 (eight) districts (Darrang, Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Karbi-Anglong, Nalbari, NC Hills, Sibsagar and Tinsukia) and  11 blocks as per the revised guidelines of Ministry of Minority affairs and MHRD in 7 Districts ( Darrang, Karbi Anglong, Dhubri, Sonitpur, Barpeta ,Kamrup and Lakhimpur )  are identified as eligible for implementing the scheme.  

Altogether 26 nos of KGBVs are sanctioned in 26 Blocks of 13 Districts of Assam which are functioning and each KGBV school is set up with enrolment of girl children as per the capacity. All these schools are running in rented/ Govt. abandoned buildings.

 Coverage of Children in the KGBV is as follows:



% of Coverage

Total no of District



Total no of Block



Total No. of KGBV operationalised



Total No. of Girl enrolled in KGBV 


100 %

Coverage of Scheduled Caste girls


4.20 %

Coverage of Schedule Tribe  girls


41.37 %

Coverage of Other Backward Class girls      


18.13 %

Coverage of Minority      


35.5 %



0.68 %

Total Coverage under  BPL



District wise no of  KGBVs and Enrollment



Nos. of KGBV sanctioned

Nos. of KGBV operationalised

Children covered



 1  ( Model -II )





3 ( Model- II )





2 ( Model- II )





1 ( Model- II )





2 ( Model- II)




Karbi Anglong

5 ( Model -II)




NC Hills

1 ( Model -II)





3 ( Model -II)





3 ( Model -II)





2 ( Model- I)





1 ( Model -I)





1 ( Model -II)





1 ( Model- II)







  Activities undertaken for KGBVs during the year 2008-09

  1. Opening of 11 nos of newly sanctioned KGBVs:

 11 nos of KGBVs are sanctioned during the financial year 2008-09. The KGBVs are operationalised in the month of September/October, 2008. 700 nos of girl children in the age group of 10 -14 years are covered by these 11 nos of KGBVs. To operationalise the KGBVs following activities are completed as per the scheduled time 

·          Selection of rented house and govt. abandoned buildings to run the KGBVs till completion of permanent building.

·          Selection of staff for the KGBVs.

·          Selection and enrollment of right categories of girls.

·          Inauguration of KGBVs by involving State, District, Block level officials, guardians and  community.

·          Repairing of Govt. abandoned building to the extent possible for setting up of KGBVs initially.

 2. Induction training of teaching staff of newly opened KGBVs 

The entire staff was imparted 5 days Induction training during the financial year 2008-09 from 18.8.2008 to 22.8.2008, immediately after their election. Total 85 nos of persons like - Warden, Full Time / Part time teachers and Assistant cum Caretaker were imparted training on classroom transaction, hygiene and health care for the children, management of the schools, community participation and other issues  related to day to day activities  of KGBVs. Regular Monthly sharing workshop was organized in the KGBVs involving the Concern Associate Block Resource Coordinator , Experts from the DIET/DRC and the District Programme Officer who is the District  in charge of the KGBV. 

3. Formation of Local Advisory Board for KGBV:

For each of the 11 nos of new KGBVs, local Advisory Board is constituted in each block to monitor the day to day activities of respective KGBV. The board consists of the following members –  

  • Officer In-charge of the local police station or police outpost.

  • Doctor of the local Public Health Centre/ Hospital.

  • Local Anchalik Panchayat  Member.

  •  Local Gaon Panchyat president.

  • Local Village Education Committee /Tea Garden Education Committee President.

  • Two Gaon Panchyat  Members of the areas.

  •  Additional Block Resource Centre Coordinator of concerned block.

  • One Retired Teacher (preferably female).

  • One Distinguished citizen /Social worker of the concerned area (preferably female).

 4. Supply of materials to the 11 newly opened KGBVs

 Following materials are provided to all the KGBV schools -

  • Two tier beds.

  • Steel Almirah, Chair, Table, and Desk-Bench etc.

  • Necessary utensils along with water filter and cooking materials including gas stove etc.

  • Necessary stationary materials required for the office purpose of KGBV schools.

  • Uniforms and Chappals/Shoes with socks for the children.

  • Black boards, ring bells, TLMs such as maps, charts etc.

  •  Play material such as Carom, Ludo, Chess board, one Badminton set, etc.

  •  Arrangement of TV sets to each KGBV school.

  •  Text book, work book, copy book, pencils etc.

  •  First Aid box.

  • Sweater for the children

  • Inner garments for the children

  •  Green Boards.

 5Health  check up camp:

At the time of opening of KGBV all the children were undergone Medical check up. For this the Doctors and other staff of local Public Health Centers ( PHE)  were involved  where measures was taken by providing medicines on free of cost. A medical profile for each children is maintained mentioning the major indicators like- Weight of the children, Height of the children, any major or minor disease of the children etc. 

One doctor of the local PHC is given the responsibility for regular health check up of the children of all the KGBVs. One weight machine is also supplied to each centre for measuring the weight of the children and report to the concern Doctor on monthly basis. Essential medical support is being provided like- Iron tablets with folic acid, skin ointment and vitamin tablets etc. as per need.

6. Classroom transactions

The classroom transaction and other relative activities of KGBV schools are fixed as per the Academic Calendar prepared by Education Department, Govt. of Assam.  The boarders of the centres are acquainted with a daily time schedule keeping in mind that both mental and physical health of the children are maintained properly thus creating a conducive environment for learning. Introduction of activities like meditation, prayer, morning assembly, sports along with other recreational activities are attracting children towards joyful learning.  

7. Vocational Training for the Children:

For all the KGBVs necessary items for vocational training like- sewing  machine, weaving looms, embroidery set along with required materials were  supplied to the KGBVs. Part time instructors are engaged as per need to train the children in vocational activities. Following are some of the Vocational activities undertaken in the Schools:

  •  Stitching and Tailoring

  •  Knitting

  • Weaving

  • Embroidery

  • Doll making & Flower making etc.

It may be mentioned here that some of the Vocational activities are conducted with the help of trained instructor engaged by SSA where other certain activities are conducted with the help of community. In some KGBVs where land is available, kitchen garden is prepared by the children with active initiative.

 8. Evaluation of Learners:

To know the learning level of the children following evaluations are being conducted –

  •  Weekly evaluation to know the progress of learners and providing remedial support to the Children whose learning achievement is slow.

  •  Mid session evaluation of the learner and

  • Final evaluation.

 The final Evaluation is conducted in the KGBVs in the month of December,09 and children are promoted to the next higher class as per the outcome of the evaluation.

The learners identified who achieved less than the required level of learning and accordingly subject wise and competency wise remedial support has been provided to the children by the concern teacher

 9. Martial Art (self defense) for the Children:

Children of KGBVs were imparted self defense training which helped the children in building discipline, courage, confidence and empowerment. The result of the training is fruitful for the children in building self empowerment, self awareness and sportsmen sprit. Selected trainers from recognized institute were engaged for the said training.

10. Supervision and Monitoring:

Regular supervision, monitoring and support is being provided to each schools by the DACG and BACG members. Further, District Mission functionaries of SSA and head teachers of nearby schools regularly monitor the academic progress of the children.

Apart from these, monthly parent/guardian meeting is also conducted in the centres to share the performance of the children and to discuss other centre related issues.

 11. Convergence with other departments:

Initiatives are being taken to involve departments like Food and Civil supplies and Health to supply the food grains at Control rate to the KGBV schools (Rice, Sugar, Atta, Kerosene oil, etc.) and to provide free monthly/bi-monthly health check up facility along with essential medicines/ vaccines for children and other staff of the KGBV schools.

12.  Settlement of Permanent land for KGBV:

In Assam, out of 15 numbers of KGBVs sanctioned in the first phase,7 numbers of KGBVs are running in rented building and 8 numbers of KGBVs are running in Govt. abandoned buildings. SSA, Assam is taking initiative for settlement of permanent land for construction of KGBV buildings. For 15 nos. of old KGBVs sanctioned earlier, land has been finalized and for 11 numbers of newly sanctioned KGBVs the issue of land is under process of finalization.

13.  Supply of Television and DVD set to KGBV

T.V. and DVD Sets, Computer Set supplied to the centre. Children were supplied some selected cassette for upgrading the following  areas :

  •  Motivation level of  the children

  • Promoting  self esteem of the children

  • Self confidence of the children

  • Learning of good habits

  • Health, hygiene and cleanliness.

 14. Co curricular and Recreational activities

With the help of Community the children learnt various co curricular and recreational activities like

  •            Dance and Drama

  •            Play and Songs

  •            Yuga

  •           In some of the KGBV’s the self defense training was also given through convergence with NPEGEL scheme.

15. Parent Teacher Meet:

Parent Teachers Meet was conducted on regular basis in all the KGBVs for-

  •           Discussion on  different issues related to education and health of child

  •           Sharing on the progress of the children with guardian

  •           Other related issues

 16. Library books along with book shelve:

In all KGBVs sufficient Children’s reading book was supplied for promoting reading habits of the children. Necessary book shelve was also provided to the centres

 17. Stipend for the Children: As per the budget provision children were given the stipend @ Rs. 600/- per annum per Child. This stipend helps the children to meet up their essential needs and also some personnel expenditure. As the children could spent  this amount on their own choice this help them in terms of decision making capacity and prioritizing the essential need which helps in their capacity building in personnel life.

18. Release of Infrastructure grant, Maintenance grant for school and TLM for teachers:

SSA, Assam released Infrastructure grant, Maintenance grant for school and TLM for teachers for the year 2008-09. This three grants helped to solve some important needs of the centers like–maintaining hygiene in drinking water and washing areas by making the place cemented with proper drainage systems, minor repairing of the door and window and in preparing teaching learning equipments by the teachers.  

19. Review for 15 nos of Wardens of old KGBVs

Review of 15 nos Wardens of old KGBVs was held in State Mission Office, SSA where wardens were imparted various inputs in management issues.

21. Construction of Permanent building of KGBVs

Construction work for 14 numbers of old KGBVs is already started. The work has already been allotted to selected contractors. On and average 15% of the work will be completed by March,09 and  the entire work is expected to be completed within Sept,09. Regarding construction of permanent building of 11 nos of newly sanctioned KGBVs in the year 2008-09, work is allotted to selected contractors and finally the work will be started within March, 2009.  

 22. Computer Education in KGBV:

Computer Aided learning is successfully implemented in 15 nos of KGBVs during the year 2008-09. Computer Sets are provided to 15 nos of KGBVs sanctioned in the first phase. In rest 11 nos of KGBVs Computers will be supplied within March,09. All the children as well as the teaching staff of the 15 KGBVs are undergoing computer training in convergence with UNICEF and EDUCOM. The impact of providing Computes to the KGBVs is quite satisfactory as all the children are found to be keen towards use of Computers and Computer Aided Learning .

23. Creation of Educational Infrastructure:

Ministry of Information Technology has sanctioned K-yan machine for educational technology development in 15 KGBVs. The K-yan is basically a CPU and LCD projector incorporated in the machine and Multimedia content for class I to Class XII for all subjects is loaded in the machine. The warden and two teachers form each of the 15 KGBVs, sanctioned in first phase has been already trained on use of K-Yan.

24.Musical Instruments to KGBVs:

Musical instruments like Dholok, Harmonium, Tabla, Ghunguru are supplied to each of the KGBVs during 2008-09. These materials are provided with an objective to strengthen the children of KGBVs in co-curricular activities.

25. Alternative Power Provision : To meet with the problem of frequent power disruption, all the 26 KGBVs will be provided with Power Generators within March,09. Necessary ground works are already completed in this matter.